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They talked nonstop. A few steps away from them, a guy in sunglasses and a white “San Jose Police” polo shirt stood with his arms folded across his chest. He spent the lunch period socializing with the Dean of Students, Mike DiGrazia. The closest would be Microsoft, but it is still just a modded Direct X like API.Turco had such a good game, and then a couple of lucky shots(deflections and screens), and game over. The Stars have an excellent defense but they should not have let up with the 1 goal lead. They should have kept pressing which is what gave them the lead and kept the Canucks playing more D than O.

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The ’85 Villanova team would gather annually with Massimino

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I can’t stress this enough: Food needs seasoning. It’s a fact of life. Too many burger joints out there go through all the right steps, then leave their meat underseasoned to try to please the salt phobic. Deep cracks go through the entire sink these are the type that water will leak from. If the hand sink is housed by a cabinet, open the doors so you can reach the underside of the sink. Put a piece of wax paper over the crack from the underside of the sink.

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