The pilot reported, “I immediately scanned the instrument

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We’re excited about some of the younger members that will give

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FITCHBURG Customers at a local laundermat got an unpleasant surprise Saturday after a dryer malfunctioned and started a fire. Saturday Canada Goose Outlet, a fire broke out in a dryer at the Park Hill Laundromat at 501 Franklin Road in Park Hill Plaza. According to one customer, three people were in the laundermat at the time..

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Again, forwards must work and they must tackle

If you read Tillich’s A History of Christian Thought: From its Judaic and Hellenistic Origins to Existentialism, you’ll find in the chapters on religion and science that he was much more optimistic than he should have been about the relationship between the two realms moving forward. And really, there should by now have been a healing together, or at least a movement in that direction. Answer is that such a being does not exist.

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