The Indianapolis Colts fan rooting for Andrew Luck to become

There are still the Green Bay crazies that will brave frigid Lambeau temperatures with little more than a layer of body paint to protect them from the cold sting, but then there are the fans that reach back in time to dress for the game: the Chicago Bears fan that wasn old enough to watch Dick Butkus try and tear a limb off a quarterback, but will gladly pay money for his jersey. The Indianapolis Colts fan rooting for Andrew Luck to become the league premier quarterback, but who knows enough history that they respect the franchise Baltimore roots to seek out a 1967 Johnny Unitas replica jersey. They the ones that look for scripted hats that look like they were in style when Bill Parcels was winning rings with the New York Giants and have no problem spending close to $200 dollars for vintage Cliff Engle sweaters, like the ones Saturday Night Live “Superfans” wore as they downed beer and sausages like champs and counted heart attacks on two hands..

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